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Terms & Conditions

  1. These pools are our livelihood. We take great care in looking after them and are confident that they leave our premises in good condition and perfect working order. You must follow all our assembly, filling and operating instructions, failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee. It is the responsibility of you the hirer to ensure the safety of all those involved in the use of the pool and to make sure the building in which it is placed is suitable for the purpose, e.g. is weatherproof and can take the weight of the pool. Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, we do not accept any liability for any consequential loss or damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation whatsoever which may arise out of or in connection with the hiring and use of one of our pools. In all events our liability is limited to return of the hire charge.
  2. We wish to make it clear that the pool has a capital value which means that if for any reason you cannot return it at the end of the hire period we will expect that sum and also the hire period will extend until we have a replacement ready to hire out. This also applies to damage to the pool such that we will charge you for the cost of repairs and the hire period will continue until the repairs are complete.
  3. BirthWorks makes no claim as to the medical or other benefits from the use of our pools and remind all those using them that it is their own decision as to whether the pool is appropriate for their particular need or desire.
  4. If you choose to have your pool sent by carrier we will aim to have it collected from ourselves on the day before the hire period commences and will send it to you on an overnight service. We cannot however take responsibility for the pool arriving to suit your arrangements and accept no liability for problems or costs incurred as a result of delay in delivery. When you sign for receipt of the pool, you are stating that it is all present and undamaged. We therefore advise you to unpack it and check it all before signing as it can be very difficult to correct omissions or breakages later.
  5. The pool must remain at the address overleaf and in your possession unless otherwise agreed with us.
  6. You are responsible for the pool for the duration of the hire period unless otherwise agreed by us.
  7. Any fault or failure of the pool must be reported to us immediately and no attempt made to repair it without our authorisation. Any use of the pool for purposes other than those stated in the contract will invalidate the guarantee.
  8. The guarantee as stated covers for repair or replacement of any faulty part. When a pool has been collected from BirthWorks the faulty item must be returned to BirthWorks for attention, the guarantee does not cover for transport costs other than when a pool has been sent by carrier. If the pool is rendered unusable for more than 24hrs as a result of a failure then a refund of the hire charge for however many days it is unusable will be made. If the fault causes the pool to be unusable for the birth itself then a full refund will be made.
  9. Please clean and dry the liner before returning the pool and ensure that the hose and heater unit are fully drained, if there are blood marks present on the liner we will need to use a different cleaning product and £20 will be deducted from the damage retainer. We will inspect the pool and other items on return and if all is well we will return the retainer immediately.
  10. Throughout these conditions, the term pool means the Birthing Pool with all its subcomponents and all accessories included with it.
  11. We ask that you do not use our pools if you are a carrier of a blood-borne virus such as H.I.V or Hepatitis B or C.
  12. We recommend a four-week hire period - two weeks either side of the due date.  There will be no extra week fee if the hire goes over the four-week hire period.  However, please do let us know if this is likely to happen. If you feel that a two or three week hire period is more suitable for you we are happy to hire for this period and are usually able to offer flexibility to extend your hire to accommodate late babies. However we are unable to guarantee this. For charges see Extra week.
  13. Babies are unpredictable and will arrive in their own time and often in unforeseen ways that mean that you may no longer require the pool you have booked. The deposit is non-refundable. It reserves you a pool, which means we do not book it elsewhere. Should you cancel, we are likely to have a pool idle. We have set the date for full payment at two weeks prior to the start of your hire period. After this time it is very unlikely that we will be le to hire it out elsewhere. Therefore, if a pool booking is cancelled up to one week before the start of the hire period we are only able to offer a 50% refund. Cancellations after this time cannot be refunded. In this situation we suggest you have the pool anyway, particularly if you have the Five Star Home Birth option, you can still enjoy the benefits of a hot pool for relaxing in.