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technical questions

where can we put the pool?

The octagonal pool is approximately the weight of 12 adults and the hexagonal is the weight of 10 adults. Therefore, imagine that weight when deciding where to locate the pool.  It is advisable to place the pool in the corner of the room or against a wall where there will be joists to help support the weight.  You could also choose to place the pool on top of a load bearing wall underneath the floor, if you have one.

Most midwives do prefer the pool to be on a ground floor of a house, for practical reasons, and will need access to at least two thirds of the pool.

We have had many pools being used in flats on 3rd or 4th floors, even in a penthouse suite. It very much depends on the age of the building and how well it has been maintained. But, if you are in anyway concerned it is always best to seek professional advice from a qualified structural surveyor.

is there a risk of infection involved in re-circulating heater units?

Absolutely not.  All our heater units are disinfected using a disinfection protocol for which we've received Health and Safety Executive approval and which is used in NHS hospitals.
There has never been a case of a baby getting an infection as a result of using our system.

how do I fill the pool?

We provide two 5 metre lengths of hose that interconnect if necessary giving you a total of 10 metres.  Please advise us if you need more than 10m of hose.

The hose can then be connected to your taps using one of the two types of Hozelock tap connectors we supply. Either the universal tap connector, which is designed to fit taps where the water flows out from underneath the 'arm' of the tap or the original funnel shaped tap connector, with a  jubilee clip to connect to swan neck mixer taps single taps with a round aperture.  

If you have more modern/wider spouts you may need to find an alternative tap, or try and find a suitable tap connector.  Please call us for some advice in this situation.

how easy is it to assemble the pool?

Extremely easy.

The rectangular pool is the simplest as it just unfolds and is placed on the base.

The hexagonal only takes 10 minutes to assemble. There are six panels a pin one end and a hole the other. You simply place the pin of one panel into the hole of the other. Add the liner and secure it into place with the handrails.

The octagonal takes approx 20mins. The panels are joined together using plastic corner posts. Foam handrails are place on top of the panels and then the liner is placed within the pool and goes over the foam handrails securing into place with press studs.

However, we are always available on the telephone if you do get stuck.

For detailed instructions please click here.

what if my domestic hot water is not adequate to fill the pool?

The heater is 1.5kw therefore it is mainly built to maintain the temperature of the water. However, if necessary the heater can heat up the water from cold but will take at least 12 hours to do so. Therefore, it is advisable to use as much hot water as you can to ensure that the pool is ready as soon as possible.