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rectangular birthing pool

This then, is the ideal pool for you if you want the most economical option and/or if space is limited. The folding rectangular pool is made of hinged wooden panels and takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. Simply open out the pool and place on the base, arrange the curtains and padding pieces and you're ready to fill!

The folding rectangular is the ideal choice if you are taking the pool into hospital with you, or if you have reason to expect a fast labour. Although this pool holds only half the water of the hexagonal pool, there is ample room for freedom of movement. The shape of this pool makes it very easy to use the sides of the pool to push against and ease you into different positions.

The rectangular pool is less expensive than the hexagonal pool to hire, and it is more likely that your domestic hot water supply will provide enough hot water to fill the pool to the right temperature quickly.

technical details:

To download assembly instructions click here

please note:

When considering transporting the folding rectangular pool, please bear in mind that it is 2,375mm when folded flat. You will need a estate car to transport the folding rectangular pool.