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Useful Links

The links below will take you to additional information and resources that may be of use to you.  

If you would like to suggest a link please email Fran Padgham with the website address a short description and a logo.  

Chloe’s “Count the Kicks” Campaign is about raising awareness of the risks surrounding later stages of pregnancy. The aim is to empower expectant mums to take responsibility of their own health and care and that of their unborn babies. The campaign wants to ensure expectant Mums work with their midwives and healthcare providers by being aware of the risks they could face during pregnancy and birth, and by being aware of their baby’s movements and development. It is hoped that this will give every expectant Mum  the confidence to call for advice if they are worried at all. 

Midwives information and resource service.

Hypnobirthing and birth preparation retreats.

NEW IPEN Placenta Network is and International Network of Placenta Specialists and mothers who are dedicated to transforming the way people view the placenta around the world.   We believe the placenta, grown by both mother and baby is an integral part of the healing process for new mothers after birth, giving a powerful gift no medicine or herbal remedy can provide.  By utilising the placenta, making the placenta more paletable and giving new mothers unique ways of embracing its healing powers, we provide a comfortable and gentle approach to understanding how and why the placenta should be honoured and not treated as waste.

Independent Midwife practicing in Sussex and parts of Surrey and Kent.

information, support & resources for help with organising a home birth plus listings of local home birth support groups.

Holistic parenting magazine.

Resources directory for new /expectant parents.

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