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hexagonal birthing pools

Our Hexagonal pool is the best purpose built birthing pool on the market, and our most popular. It has been described as the most beautiful pool ever seen by both mothers and midwives. It is a hand built, bespoke birthing pool made up of 6 wooden beech panels, which are easily fitted together. The beech wood used is a native, naturally water repellent, hardwood sourced from sustainable forests.

The pool has a one-inch foam base, which is placed within the frame, to cushion and insulate the floor. Once the external frame is set up, it’s a simple matter of putting the liner in place and securing it over the foam rails and onto the poppers on the corner beams. The whole process only takes 10 minutes.

The pool offers more than enough space for two people to move about in easily, allowing you to adopt comfortable positions for relaxation, labour and birth. The wooden panels of the Hexagonal Pool give it a natural look and this, together with the blue of the liner, provides an overall feeling of peace and tranquillity. The deep, warm water is extremely inviting, whether you’re in the run up to, or easing gently into labour.

technical details:

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Please note for delivery purposes, the pool is packed into 6 boxes.  The dimensions and weight are as follows:

1 x Brown cardboard box - 80cmx 58cm x 36cm   (11.30kg)
2  x Brown cardboard boxes - 90cm x 15cm x 72cm     (14.5kg each)

At the end of the hire, the pool will need to be packed back into the 3 boxes.