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About Us

Established in 1987, BirthWorks is the most established birth pool hire company in the UK.

After experiencing the benefits of labouring in a birth pool I decided once I had my baby that I wanted to start a franchise of Birthworks.  It not only allowed me to stay at home with my baby but it also gave my the pleasure of seeing others benefit from a home waterbirth.

I then had the opportunity to buy the company in 2008 just after my third waterbirth.  

Since I started in 2004 there have been many changes to not only waterbirth but also homebirth.  Homebirth is now not seen as unusual or a massive risk.  This is wonderful for me to see and I still get immense pleasure when I hear about a new parent's experience and joy at having a home waterbirth.

Our years of experience in hiring birthing pools, combined with personal experience of water birth, allows us to offer you the best advice and equipment possible - creating the birth experience you want, whether at home or in hospital.